V8 Concepts

The design and development of the products are carried out in the South of France, in Provence, between sea and hills (and azure sky) with a range of hydration packs, dry bags and travel / expedition luggage.

The products are tested in real conditions, in the field, by an international team of outdoor professionals.
These tests are a mixture of listening and exchanges between the designer and the users/testers.

V8 will accompany you everywhere from the city to the mountains passing by white water!

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V8 Concepts

Flask soft Trail V8 - SFK 0,46.1

The Soft Flask 460ml is ideal for mountain biking, hiking, etc., thanks to its flexible and flexible material.

With its two pipettes, this flexible flask adapts to your use. With a capacity of 460 ml, it is light and practical. Compressible, it will be discreet in your bag occupying very little space.

Worn in the straps of your bag with the high pipette or in a pocket with the short pipette, it allows a double use depending on your practice.

Its nipple rotation closure system and its large cap make filling and use easy.

Can also be used as a shower during your outings.

V8 Concepts

Water bag ajustable V8 - Elite 1,5/3L

The elite water bag is an innovative product with adjustable volume from 1.5 to 3L. The length of the bag is adaptable according to the desired volume of water and allows to fix the weight at the highest in the back to optimize the mass transfer in full action.

Its food TPU constitution gives it: neutral taste/ resistance during crushes or falls/ resistance to temperatures.

V8 Concepts

Hydration belt with can V8 - BNA 3,6.1

The BNA3,6.1 hydration belt is the perfect product for mountain bike rides with minimalist but complete equipment.

The compartment housing the can (800 ml, supplied with the BNA3,6.1) is detachable from the belt, so it can be positioned according to the practice each VTTISTE whether right or left handed.

The hydration belt BNA3,6.1 is the ideal compromise between the saddle bag and the hydration bag, it is light, practical and especially designed for everyone.

The hydration belt adapts to the rider, and not the other way around. 

V8 Concepts

Hydration backpack V8 - YDR 4.4 with water bag Tech 1.5L

This ultra-light and functional hydrobag designed to store your essentials, such as your driver’s license, your inner tube, your tools, or your light jacket and keys.

With its support and comfort, it will be forgotten during your outdoor outings (mountain biking, hiking or running, trail, roller, carver).


V8 Concepts

Backbone V8 - SBS 136.2 black

The SBS 136.2 is a PPE (personal protective equipment) conforming to the European standard EN1621-2:2014.

This backbone is equipped with Koroyd technology with its extruded copolymer tubes that are thermally welded to create a consistent multi-axis absorption body.

The Koroyd Propack is thin, lightweight, flexible and breathable in addition to having a power of deceleration of energy that greatly reduces the impacts and the level of traumas.

The SBS 136.2 is compliant with the European standard EN1621-2:2014.

This minimalist PPE is compatible with our bags: RAC 6.2, FRD 3 11.1, FRD 20.1, BTB 14.1, DBP 25.2 and DBP 35.3.

V8 Concepts

Hydration backpack V8 - YDR 4.5

This ultra-lightweight V8 YDR 4.5 hydration backpack is designed for storing your essentials, such as your driver’s license, inner tube, tools, or even your light jacket and keys.

With its support and comfort, it will be forgotten during your outdoor outings (mountain biking, hiking or running, trail, roller, carver). The new version of the YDR 4 family is logically called YDR 4.5.  The difference is in the details compared to the old version. 

The minimalist hydration bag YDR 4.5 seduces with its sober and clean side. He keeps the same characteristics as his brothers, with only changes: color and water-repellent material.

In short, a revisited bag with a better fit, more breathability, more weatherproof and lighter.

V8 Concepts

Hydration backpack V8 - RAC 6.2 with water bag Tech 1.5L

The RAC 6.2 hydration backpack sold with its TECH 1.5L water bag has been specially developed by our ambassadors for enduro practice: its size, weight and support have been specially designed for the discipline.

With an excellent support, this bag will leave you completely free in your movements… until you forget its presence!

V8 Concepts

Hydration backpack V8 - RAC 6.3

Version 3 of the CARs makes major changes from the previous version (version 2): The front shoulder straps have been changed to U (formerly V-cut) for more breathability during stress and high heat. For the same purpose, the straps are now made of a single layer of 3D mesh for maximum ventilation and also a weight gain. The thermoformed EVA back has been widened to improve the flat distribution of the bag volume, this is intended to reduce the mass transfers during wrinkles engaged. The REVERSE 600 denier polyester outer material, which has been proven on other products of the brand for years, covers the front part of the bag which allows an excellent hold.

V8 Concepts

Hydration backpack V8 - FRD 11.1

The FRD 11.1 hydration backpack is an evolution of our best seller, the FRD 8.3. Versatile, functional and comfortable with its FBS holding system, this bag has been specially designed to accompany you during your hiking, mountain biking, motorcycle, etc.

V8 Concepts

Waterproof bag V8 - Pan 20.1

The PAN 20.1 bag fits standard luggage racks. Easily removable, it can then be worn as a shoulder strap thanks to its removable strap provided.

With its volume of 20L you can put your work stuff (computer, book, etc.), or go do your shopping nearby (you can even leave the bag open with the stick sticking out). It is also possible to travel for a longer or longer duration depending on your motivation (it will no longer be the fault of your equipment).

Its fixing system is very simple thanks to the handle that allows to open the hooks and that clips when you release it.

The plastic part at the bottom of the bag allows to immobilize it, by placing itself in the triangle of the luggage carrier. 

V8 Concepts

Hydration backpack V8 - FRD 20.1

The FRD 20.1 hydration backpack is the big brother of FRD 11.1. Functional, with its many compartments (keeping protection under the bag, helmet hook, location for tools, glasses, insulated water pocket compartment, etc.), this bag is also very comfortable thanks to its single-point harness system FBS…

It thus leaves you completely free in your movements!

V8 Concepts

Backpack battery carrier VTTAE BTB 14.1-V8

Backpack battery carrier for electric bike/ VTTAE/ ebike (volume: 14L). VTTAE bag with a sober and clean look, suitable for all users. Versatile and functional, it will allow all riders to carry an additional battery.