For 110 years, Eska has been manufacturing gloves. Focusing its efforts exclusively on gloves and applying the highest quality standards while integrating the innovations of the future. The know-how of the glove manufacturer allows them to produce exceptional gloves for the whole world.

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Gants Eska City

The City model is perfect for your walks in the city and in the countryside.

The envelope is breathable, the foam padding ensures optimal comfort and the adjustable strap will give you the perfect fit. Silicone fingertips make removing your gloves a breeze. The material used on the thumb is designed to easily wipe away sweat or water.

Its simple and sporty design will be your everyday ally.


Gants Eska Breeze

Breeze is the ideal glove for cyclists, with it your races can last for hours.

It is made of a Mesh mesh on the top of the hand, so it has optimal breathability. The advantage of this glove is that with its 3D patches in the palm, it helps to fight against carpal tunnel syndrome.

The cuff adapts to the wrist and does not rub for even more comfort.


Gants Eska Road

The Road glove is made for all bike rides, it is the classic glove that meets all requirements.

Its lightweight soft foam padding and breathable upper hand material make Road an ideal companion for your outings.

It has a tab at the wrist entry for easy donning.


Gants Eska Sunside

For an even hand tan you need Sunside.

It is designed with a Full-Tan material on the top of the hand, which is permeable to UV rays and will guarantee you a regular tan on your hands. The glove adapts perfectly to the morphology of the hand like a second skin.

It has a gel padding which protects the palm of the hand and the silicone coating guarantees a better grip.

The tab inside the glove makes it easier to put on the glove.


Gnats Eska Ace

ACE is the glove that adapts perfectly to your morphology.

With the silicone reinforcement on the index and middle fingers, the grip on the brake is perfect.

The top of the hand is made of mesh mesh which allows optimal ventilation, moreover it has no seams so no discomfort. The seamless cuff finish surrounds the wrist in a delicate way you won't feel its presence.

The + of the Ace gloves: a touch technology on the thumb allows the use of the devices.


Gants Eska Sunside Finger

The Sunside Finger is designed with Full-Tan technology which is UV permeable: uniform tan.

The glove adapts perfectly to the morphology of the hand like a second skin.

It has a gel padding which protects the palm of the hand and the silicone coating guarantees a better grip, it also has touch technology so you can continue to use your devices without taking your gloves off.

The wrist circumference is soft and does not rub to ensure perfect comfort.


Gants Eska Rebel

The Rebel is made for mountain biking for all your outings in the mountains, in the forest.

Its outer fabric is robust, it protects the folds at the joints, allowing you optimal freedom of movement.

The palm of the hand is made of silicone which gives you a solid grip.

The strap around the wrist is adjustable and soft, because its composition is made of Amara.


Gants Eska Force Bike

The Force Bike glove is an ideal mountain bike glove for downhill or demanding hikes.

Designed with shock protection on the top of the hand, it will protect you from bumps and abrasions, plus it is ergonomic and flexible.

The palm of the hand is made of an abrasion resistant material. The Force Bike glove also offers optimal ventilation.

The closure at the wrist is done with a velcro belt which ensures good support.

The plus is the integration of touch technology to be able to continue using your devices.