The urban bike tire is versatile, it is an all-road bike, it is between the racing tire and the mountain bike. It can be used on paved roads and country lanes. You can use it to go to work or to town but also in the countryside for weekend walks.

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Grand Prix Urban

The Continental Grand Prix Urban folding tire is the first choice for fixies, single speeds and urban bikes. It combines a modern profile with the latest technologies and convinces with a coordinated Race construction and comfortable cushioning - the right combination for urban use. The reflective black stripe blends seamlessly into the side wall.

Top quality tires, manufactured to deliver maximum performance. The latest technologies, developed together with the most successful athletes in the world and handcrafted by experienced specialists in Korbach (Handmade in Germany). Materials selected for optimum quality.


Speed Ride Rigide

The Speed RIDE is the specialist for fast riding on harder surfaces. Whether asphalt, gravel or forest paths, thanks to the diamond-coated tread, the tyre rolls off quickly and quietly. Its shoulder lugs give the necessary grip in cornering and with a folding bead version, all important weight is reduced further on the sporty cross commuter bike'. Optional reflective strips for more safety. Continental Puncture ProTection supplies adequate resistance to flats.


Double Fighter III

The black Continental Double Fighter tire is ideal for combining sporty and urban cycling. At ease on both asphalt and gravel towpaths, this 50mm wide bicycle tire offers a smooth and quiet ride. The studs on the shoulders provide good grip and solidity on any path. With the double fighter you can turn a mountain bike into an agile city bike.

The mesh sidewalls offer better grip on slightly slippery terrain (rain, snow, ice). The recommended pressure for inflation is between 3.5 and 4.5 bar, or 50 and 65 psi.



The CONTINENTAL Contact tire is a versatile model, for all types of terrain, and very reliable. A perfect tire for urban use as in Trekking.

Offering excellent value for money, this tire benefits in particular from SafetySystem technology, which is based on a nylon carcass reinforced with Kevlar. A comfortable, durable, cut and puncture resistant tire. In addition, the Continental Contact tire is flexible and light with a good level of rolling resistance.



Tire Contact Speed Continental is the ideal combo between speed and comfort. Whether it's your daily commute through town or the weekend excursion, you want to be mobile with your bike and get to your destination safely. Continental tires are as diverse as your needs. Whether for your city bike, your retro bike or your e-bike.

The Contact Speed tire has a very low profile to promote performance. Equipped with the Double Safety System reinforcement, it is the ultimate weapon for moving around town.



The new Contact Urban from Continental is a tire that does not lack qualities for driving in urban environments. It stands out visually with its hyper-modern profile which gives it maximum dynamism and performance: grip, water evacuation, low rolling resistance.

The Continental Contact Urban rigid tire offers you the perfect balance between robust puncture protection and low rolling resistance. Its profile has been designed to meet the demands of the urban environment and gives you the security you need in the jungle of the big city.

The Contact Urban is approved for e-bikes with pedal assistance up to 50 km/h.



The CONTINENTAL Contact Plus bicycle tire is a versatile model, comfortable on all types of asphalt terrain such as motorized paths, and ultra-reliable, making it a perfect tire for intensive use in urban environments as in Trekking.

Offering excellent value for money, this tire benefits in particular from SafetyPlus technology, which combines Safety System technology based on a nylon carcass reinforced with Kevlar, and a highly elastic material. The result is a comfortable, durable tyre, highly resistant to cuts and punctures while displaying great flexibility and an excellent level of rolling resistance.


CONTACT Plus Travel Reflex 700x47C

The Continental Contact Plus Travel all-terrain tire that can do many kilometres. Its rubber insert is super effective against thorns and braves even other foreign objects so you don't get a puncture on the go. This tire approved for pedelecs up to 25 km/h is so robust that you can also drive on asphalt roads or narrow paths in the forest and across fields.



The Continental Contact Plus City bicycle tire is designed to meet the specific needs of electric bicycles and rental bicycles. Thanks to the highest level of puncture protection, combined with efficient rolling characteristics, you can explore the city in a relaxed way. At the same time, this tire is energy efficient and economical on asphalt.



The Continental At Ride is a durability-oriented gravel/trekking tire that's not afraid of slippery surfaces. With a profile directly inspired by MTB tires, it still manages to maintain good rolling properties. With a rugged tread combined with reinforced sidewalls, the At Ride provides high protection against punctures and premature wear.


Tour Ride Reflex 28 x 1 3/8 (37-635)

Perfect for hikes

The Continental Tour RIDE tire adapts to all terrains, it is universal. Its continuous middle running surface ensures good rolling properties and at the same time offers sufficient traction as well as high cornering safety. Our customers benefit from the wide range of sizes available and its high mileage capacity.


Ride Tour

The Continental Ride Tour tire is an all-purpose hiker, comfortable on all terrains. Its central tread offers good rolling characteristics and the blocks on the shoulders provide the necessary grip in turns. It guarantees very effective protection against punctures thanks to the Extra PunctureBelt reinforcement. It has a solid carcass and an enduring profile to accompany you for many kilometers, on all terrains.


Ride City

The Ride City is a robust tire for city bikes that has proven itself above all on asphalt and stony paths. It has good traction due to its larger contact surface. This long-lasting tire with white sidewalls is particularly popular due to its reliability and stands for excellent quality.


Traffic II

The Traffic II bicycle tire is developed for everyday mountain bike use in urban and rural areas. The profile of the central bridge always provides comfort and speed on the road, while its solid and robust sidewall construction makes it an optimal companion when you brave the dangers of traffic, curbs and equipment on the road in the city.



The CONTINENTAL Top Contact II bicycle tire is an extremely high-performance model with great versatility. Ideal for trekking and long-distance bikes.

The smooth tread in the center and grooved on the sides thus provides excellent performance while guaranteeing very good grip and optimal grip, especially in turns. This tire also benefits from a SafeSystem anti-puncture ply between the carcass and the tread.

This tire is approved for e-bikes up to 50 km/h.


Top CONTACT Winter II Premium

The Continental Top Contact Winter II Premium bicycle tire specially designed for e-bikes, the Continental Top CONTACT Winter II Premium is a reliable companion during the cold months. It has a gripping rib profile and the Vectran insert guarantees excellent puncture protection. Another great advantage is the special compound of winter MTB tires for grip on snowy roads as well as on wet and slippery surfaces.



The CONTINENTAL Contact Travel tire is a model made for globetrotters, specifically designed for bicycle travel and touring bikes. Its semi-slick profile, with a smooth tread and notched sidewalls, guarantees both very good performance and optimal grip, especially when cornering.

This tire also benefits from the Safety System Breaker technology which rests on a nylon carcass reinforced with Kevlar, and DuraSkin sidewalls providing additional security against tearing and perforation. The Contact Travel is finally able to cope with the high demands of e-bikes up to 25 km/h.