Pedal magnetic Magped Gravel

Magped Gravel magnetic pedals: the first real alternative for gravel and XC bikes with the titanium axis and xCarbon pedal body.


  • A pair of GRAVEL Magped pedals (L + R)
  • Magnets
  • STRONG metal plates for SPD 2 hole bike shoes
  • POSITIONING plates for SPD bike shoes with 2 holes
  • Magnetic screws
  • Allen wrench
  • Dimensions: length=86mm /  width=60mm / height=19mm
Image Réf. EAN13 Px HT Rem. Px net HT PPC Disp. Qté.
Magped GRAVEL 9120093500483 - - - - -


Technical data:

  • Pedal body made of xCarbon
  • Titanium shaft
  • Weight per pair: 204g
  • 200N Magnets – recommended for all body weights of approximately 45 kg or more

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