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Grand Prix TT 700 x 23

The MTB tire Grand Prix TT 700 x 23 Continental tire is the time trial specialist

Super fast  semi-slick tread pattern for racing against the clock  on TT's and in triathlon

Optimized-rolling-resistance competition tire with reduced mileage and puncture protection


Grand Prix 5000

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 road bike tire becomes the new benchmark in terms of performance, grip, durability and comfort. It is a competition tire that allows performance on all terrains and in all weather conditions.

This GP5000 tire is made in Germany at the Continental factory. Thanks to Active Comfort, tire comfort is optimal. This 3x110 TPI casing optimizes the weight/performance/resistance to puncture ratio. Thus, the Vectran reinforcement on the tread considerably limits the risk of punctures.

The new rubber and the Black Chili mixture, allows to achieve great performance. The optimization of the grip also comes from the specific design, Lazer Grip which guarantees optimal cornering grip.


Pneu Tubeless Grand Prix 5000 S TR

A great performance

The new Continental Grand Prix 5000 S Tubeless Ready road bike tyre: lighter, faster and with stronger sidewalls. The new standard in tubeless ready technology. An inner tube or tubeless assembly with more performance, comfort and grip. Ride faster and more comfortably with increased puncture protection thanks to Vectran Breaker technology: 5 times stronger than steel, Vectran is a crystalline fabric that resists cuts very well. The tire provides great grip with Lazer grip technology, on curves and excellent air penetration. Moreover, thanks to the "Active Comfort" technology, the tire has an elastomer layer which absorbs vibrations.


Tire Tubeless Grand Prix 5000 AS TR - All seasons

Pre-order open !

Delivery scheduled for January 2023.

The Grand Prix 5000 AS TR All season,  is only produced in Germany.

Its composition ensures that cyclists have the comfort, power and grip they need.

Indeed the presence of Black Chily offers the best of balance and adhesion, with the presence of the last polymer and carbon particles the performances are at the rendezvous.

Active Comfort technology absorbs vibrations.

The Vectran will provide the necessary puncture protection. Indeed it is reworked to make it lighter but this will not take anything away from its solidity.

The Lazer Grip is located on the "shoulder" of the tire which allows a certain grip in the corners.


Grand Prix 4-Season

The Continental 4 Seasons road bike tire has a perfectly justified reputation. It benefits from all the technology of the German brand to make the experience and your bike rides exceptional. It offers really impressive performance and cornering grip. Its 330 TPI casing (3x110) relies on a Vectran reinforcement to minimize the risk of punctures.

The Continental 4 Season can also rely on its "made in Germany" rubber as well as its DuraSkin reinforcement on the sides to resist as much as possible to the aggressions of bad roads. The GP 4 Saisons offers a wide range of dimensions: 700x23 to 700x32. The importance of inflation pressure will be very important to fully appreciate the potential of this benchmark tyre.


Gator Hardshell

The Gator Hardshell road bike tire has a long lifespan. It is designed for rough surfaces and uneven bitumen. Puncture protection and mileage are the strong points of the Hardshell-ProTection. A thicker PolyX Breaker, the specialist against punctures, in the center of the tread and in the shoulder ensures great reliability. The 3-layer carcass, each layer having 60 TPI covers the entire tire and makes it a real bastion against urban detritus. The outer sidewalls of the tire are reinforced with DuraSkin fabric, which provides even greater reliability, as the carcass is so well protected. Hardshell tires are the pinnacle of puncture resistance among racing tires.


Grand Prix

The Continental Grand Prix road tire is very resistant to punctures and has a long service life.

Pressure :

  • Recommended pressure : 
    • Grand Prix 5000 700 x 23C : 7,50 
    • Grand Prix 5000 700 x 25C : 6,50
    • Grand Prix 5000 700 x 28C : 6,50
    • Grand Prix 5000 28-559 : 6,50
  • Maximum pressure : 
    • Grand Prix 5000 700 x 23C : 8,50 
    • Grand Prix 5000 700 x 25C : 8,50
    • Grand Prix 5000 700 x 28C : 8,50
    • Grand Prix 5000 28-559 : 8,00

Grand Sport Race

Grand Sport Race flexible from CONTINENTAL is a versatile road bike tire that will suit your training sessions as well as your competition requirements. With its Pure Grip rubber compound, it offers particularly effective grip and good ride quality, on both dry and wet roads. NyTech Breaker puncture protection gives you more peace of mind.


Grand Sport Extra

Grand Sport Extra offers good performance: a solid, high-performance tyre !

The tire for covering many kilometers and for gravel riding.

The PureGrip rubber compound is just below the BlackChili, and offers rather low rolling resistance, good grip and high resistance. A model that will be ideal for your workouts.

This tire has NyTech Breaker double layer puncture protection and side reinforcements.


Pneus GatorSkin

This is the toughest road bike tire in its class. The Continental Gatroskin is the perfect ally to leave tire levers behind! It consists of a 180 TPI casing (3x60) but above all a PolyXBreaker reinforcement under the tread while the sidewalls benefit from Duraskin reinforcement right up to the sidewalls. Thus the risk of tearing is greatly reduced to allow you to enjoy your bike ride in all conditions. The performance is also quite excellent. Whether in the dry or on a wet road, grip, performance and safety will always be present. Another advantage of the Continental Gatroskin bicycle tire is its durability.


Ultra Sport III

The CONTINENTAL Ultra Sport III flexible road tire is a model intended for road cycling for training or cycle touring.

It will accompany you over the long term thanks to its robust carcass and its highly durable silica-based tread. It uses PureGrip rubber to extend the kilometers with maximum grip for great endurance and resistance. Its profile is perfect for trajectory control and better grip. It is the bicycle tire that offers the best quality/price/kilometer ratio. It is the perfect tire in all seasons to accumulate kilometers while minimizing the risk of punctures.


Ultra Sport III Rigide

Continental Ultra Sport III Rigid road bike tire is a model intended for road bikes for training or cycle touring.

This is the road bike tire that provides access to Continental technology. It is durable, versatile and offers excellent cornering grip. It is the bicycle tire that offers the best quality/price/kilometer ratio. It is no coincidence that it is already the leader in its segment.

The Continental Ultra Sport 3 tire benefits from PureGrip rubber (silica-based) and a 180 TPI casing (3x60). It is the perfect tire in all seasons to accumulate kilometers while minimizing the risk of punctures. He is also very comfortable if the pace picks up.


Hometrainer II

Special Continental tire for home-trainer training. Perfect for winter, the home-trainer tire allows you to continue training, without the risk of tread detachment which occurs on normal tires when they are subjected to the particular stresses of the home-trainer rollers. As the home trainer tire was designed specifically for training rollers, it cannot be used on the road or in the forest.


Boyau Olympic II 28 x 19

Tubular Olympic II 28 x 19 Continental made a track speed record The Olympic II was developed especially for track disciplines. Continental has optimized its rolling resistance without the slightest compromise, its slick profile is clearly made for speed. This tubular feels at home on the wooden track and plays its strengths in competition. A construction pushed to its limits to break records.


Set Attack & Force Comp

Continental Set Attack & Force Comp agile and aerodynamic front tire coupled with a rear tire offering grip and comfort.

The first tubular (TPS). Up front, the 22mm Narrow Attack Comp does its job and provides improved aerodynamics as well as high agility through faster corner transition.

At the rear, the Force Comp power machine at 24 mm provides a large contact surface which guarantees better power transmission.


Boyau Sonderklasse II 28 x 23

The Sonderklasse II 28 x 23 Continental tubular is an extremely light and fast track classic and comes in a completely new all-black look.

This style classic wins points thanks to its very thin and very light nylon carcass. In addition, the Sonderklasse tubular has a slick profile that allows you to reach very high speeds.


Boyau Compétition

The choice of the professional !

The CONTINENTAL COMPETITION tubular comes equipped with "Black Chili" technology which increases lifespan (5% more kilometers), reduces rolling resistance by 26%, improves grip by 30%.

"Vectran Breaker" technology which limits punctures


Boyau Podium TT 28 x 25

Le boyau spécialiste du contre-la-montre

  • performance de roulage optimisée pour ce boyau spécialement développé pour le contre-la-montre et le triathlon
  • profil ultra rapide en pointe de diamant pour battre le record de l'heure
  • excellente protection anti-crevaison grâce au renfort Vectran™


Boyau Force Comp 28 x 24

Behind the CONTINENTAL Comp Force hides a high performance tubular providing optimal comfort, better power transmission and exceptional grip, making it an ideal model for the rear.

Like all the brand's competition models, this tubular features the Black Chili compound which reduces rolling resistance by 26% while improving grip by 30%. Guaranteeing excellent resistance over time, this tubular also ensures great solidity thanks to Vectran Breaker technology, a fabric made from polymer that displays enormous resistance to tearing and perforation while remaining extremely flexible and light.

It combines ideally with the Comp Attack at the front for exceptional performance.


Boyau Tempo II

The all-rounder of the track Tempo II tubular from Continental is a competition tubular for the track and speed. It is extremely light and fast and proves convincing both on concrete and wooden tracks and in a race against the clock. Equipped with a very fine nylon carcass and a rough slick profile, you can set off in the race for records with this multi-talent.


Boyau Sprinter Gatorskin

Heir to the already recognized Gatorskin Ultra tyre, the CONTINENTAL Sprinter Gatorskin tubular offers you the typical feelings of the tubular: comfort and lightness.

Professionals use a similar combination in their tires for Paris-Roubaix.

Reinforcement of a Kevlar-nylon strip, double thickness, which positions it in the most resistant to wear and punctures, ideal for the winter season.

The Sprinter Gatorskin tubular has an ultra-resistant reinforced carcass thanks to the SafetySystem reinforcement. Ideal for training and sports outings.


Boyau Sprinter

Il tubolare Sprinter è realizzato a mano in Germania, il tubolare Continental Sprinter è innegabilmente un prodotto di qualità.

La sua gomma Black Chili Compound, sviluppata dopo anni di ricerca e sviluppo, garantisce il massimo grip e grandi prestazioni. La protezione SafetySystem garantisce un'estrema resistenza a forature e tagli.


Boyau Giro 28 x 22

The Continental Giro tubular is ideal for accumulating kilometers in training. It has excellent rolling qualities and a reassuring grip. Its puncture protection is also effective with a 2x180 tpi casing.

Its optimized rubber compound ensures a long service life. During assembly, it is important to position the chevrons correctly in the direction of travel of the wheel (the chevrons must form a point).